“Agile and thorough. This is how we deliver. We build POC’s fast and prove to clients that we can actually build software that will help them transform their business. I believe that’s why we have had long and strong relationships with our clients”

Claus Bek Nielsen

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Claus is a manager with extensive experience in driving innovation and business development with the use of AI-technologies to strengthen competitive advantages in SME’s and large corporations. Prior to co-founding Halfspace, Claus co-founded two of the most recognized online platforms in Scandinavia, within gaming and fashion blogs. Claus is a former world top 10 ranked backgammon player by World Series of Backgammon.

Simon Kristiansen

Co-Founder & Head of Research and Development

Simon focuses on building and implementing intelligent software solutions to our clients. He holds a Ph.D. in operations research and applied math from DTU with deep insight in optimization. Simon has a bronze medal from the unofficial World Cup in Schedule Planning.

Kasper Nagel Nielsen

CO-Founder & CIO

Kaspers' expertise lies at the intersection of math, data analysis and software engineering. He has co-founded several startups and has more than two decades of experience with software development from the financial sector, mobile payment solutions and platform solutions. Kasper is a former ranked backgammon no 1. in Denmark.

Thomas Dalgas Rasmussen

Partner & Management Engineer

Thomas is driven by software engineering- and development, with a particular focus on data analysis and APIs. He is a Management Engineer from DTU, having previously worked at Nordea Markets IT, building analysis and reporting software solutions, integrating with multiple sources such as Bloomberg and Reuters.