We’re engineers, data scientists and tech entrepreneurs operating between strategic technology consultancy and software engineering.
We build software that solves challenging problems and help our clients transform data to actionable insights.

01 Solutions

From data to information
We cleanse, structure, aggregate and normalize vast amounts of data, so we can extract information to our clients.

API Development
We pull in data/information, and develop APIs to integrate with our clients existing platform solutions.

Analyzing information
We analyze and present information to our clients and give them deep insight in their data foundation.

Data Platforms
We develop back-end infrastructure for managing multiple data sources and are experts in Microsoft Azure.

From information to decision making
We use data sets to develop software- and machine learning solutions to help clients make better decisions.

Search Intelligence
We help clients digitize and automate document handling by using search intelligence and AI technologies. 

02 Cases

#01 Real-time Analysis

the unstructured

By using vast amounts of data from sports events and deep knowledge of betting market we deliver real-time analysis and decision making software solutions for market leading clients.

#00 Halfspace, Bredgade

Creating state-of-the-art solutions to our clients is what we’re all about. From data-analysis to time series predictions and machine learning solutions, we have proven that we can actually deliver and create value for money.  

Our software has helped clients calculate probabilities of future events, gain significant advantages in predicting outcome of sports events, forecasting upcoming positive or negative events in business operations, and more.